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BayTop- Observatory is actually a somewhat modified circular rainwater tank on the top of my hill . This over looks the bay at Streaky- Bay. Streaky is a small town on the West coast of South Australia.

Yes folks, my observatory's an old galvanised rainwater tank.

Check it out.... To my OBSERVATORY

My present observatory had a very humble beginning with no roof to speak of @ stage 1. (As you would be aware if you just checked it out). With the advent of purchasing a Mel Bartels GOTO controller box and hand controller, I had to do some renos, thus the completion of stage 2.

I guess I'm a little more spoilt than many amateurs who live in or near big cities. Always a curse when trying to glean the faint and distance sources of light in the night heavens. Streaky Bay has a floating population of around 1200 people, so at the moment there's not a lot of light pollution. Town is to my west, fortunately blocked by a hill and trees on my property.

In retrospect, for those who are less fortunate than I, you have a good reason to go camping out somewhere really dark. Hey, and it’s a good excuse for getting the whole family on board. Nothing more satisfying than showing/teaching others what you're into. But, of course there are those who find looking at a cloud like thingy, out in the cold dark night, less than extremely dull. But to those I say........ 'To each their own.'

I love everything about astronomy. It is one of those hobbies/obsessions where you can build up to what ever level you wish and take a lifetime doing so. By this I mean not only equipment and knowledge, but build it yourself with whatever might do the trick. Gets rid of a lot of those bits 'n' pieces you've put away in the shed.

If you have a good basic set up, ie- good scope (no toy), mount (solid and sturdy with RA & DEC motors ), eyepieces (good quality), you're at least at the starting gate for good viewing.



'The author'

{excuse the weird look, I hate photos of myself :( }













Every one has to have a wish list. Call it a goal. The next step if you like. But for the hobby to grow to its full potential, it's vital.

  1. Buy or build a good Newtonian reflector  10" or so. (built October '06)
  2. Purchase a larger format CCD imaging camera. (Always to be updated)
  3. Try and image as much as I can of the night sky before I'm dead.


And that's about it… at the moment………………@#%$&. Once the bug bites, it doesn't stop!


I hope you enjoy my site! It's an ongoing thing.



Much thanks goes to all those people who have put their ideas, findings, recommendations and articles on the net for others to plunder and improve upon. Even more thanks go to those who have spent innumerous hours on the computer and telescope putting together software/ devices that will goto, acquire and enhance digital, astronomical images.

All of these generous people have put many amateur astronomers into the wonderful pursuit of astronomical digital imaging and beyond, all by showing what can be done on a tight budget.

Their contribution to amateur astronomy is great and I applaud you all vigorously !!

'May your backyards forever yield clear, the night wonders'

'Rich Bowden'