Object IC2944- AKA Lambda Centauri Nebula- The Heart of the Running Chicken Nebula



IC2944 is located in the constellation of Centaurus. It is a rich star forming region as can be seen by the extensive HII gases and dark nebula. Dark 'Bok globules' shown just above centre are small dark clouds made of gas  that are condensing to potentially form stars. These particular globules, Thackeray's globules, were named after the objects discovery. Giant shock waves of gas are stirred up from stellar winds from massive stars within. This object lies around 6500- 7000 light-years away

Date Ha-11 & 12/02/12: 
Location BayTop Observatory- Streaky Bay South Australia
Instrument Home built 10" Newtonian (Bob Royce primary) and an Antares 1/20th wave secondary with Televue Paracorr coma corrector. System working @ f4.6 (native F4/ 1016 FL)  1.315 arcsec/pixel- FOV  aprox 44.6x44.6
Mount Celestron CI700 controlled by the SiTech servo Goto Control System with Pittman 8000 series motors. Pulley and belt system
Camera (CCD) Starlight Xpress SXVR-H16 monochrome with Starlight Xpress USB filter wheel.
Exposures  Ha: 180'  (3Hrs @  10' sub exposures) Flat field and bias frames subtracted: .
Guiding   SX- OAG with a Starlight Xpress Lodestar guide cam.
Filters Astronomik typeII anti halo L (clear) RGB 2" filter set & 12nM Ha.
Notes/ Conditions

 Conditions- Average to good seeing and transparency when taking the& Ha. .