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The purpose of this page is more a record for myself as I wait on conditions in the night sky to improve. These luminance and hydrogen alpha images are incomplete and need more data added to them. As this happens, colour will be added and they will then be moved to their respective classification categories.

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Ngc 2080 & sthrn Tarantula  (SXVR-H16 10" F4.6) Ngc 2004, 2011, 2014, 2029, 2032 & 2040Lum/ Ha (SXVR-H16 10" F4.6) Ngc 6559 & 6589Lum (SXVR-H16 10" F4.6)
M42 Lum (SXVR-H16 10" F4.6) M7 Lum(Hx916 10" Newt F4)   Helix Nebula Lum(Hx916 10" Newt F4)  
Ngc6744(Hx916 10" Newt F4)   Ngc1566(Hx916 10" Newt F4) PGC 21338 (Hx916 10" Newt F4)
Ngc3576-Ha(Hx916 10" Newt F4)