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Before entering, please adjust your monitors contrast and brightness with the above calibration strip. All shades should be defined, keeping the far right black swath as dark as possible with the next swath showing a slight variation.. This is  important to bring out the whole range across the image and keep the correct dark point.  Press F11 for full page image.

Published images....   M 104 Australian Sky and Telescope- May 2005 issue.  NGC 300 Astronomy magazine- April 2006. NGC 3576 Australian Sky and Telescope- June 2006:  NGC 6164 Australian Sky and Telescope- October 2009.

In 2006, my NGC300 and NGC6726 images were chosen amongst other photographers in the annual CWAS 'David Malin' Awards to go on an Australia wide display for the year.

 In 2007 I entered 5 images, M42, The Antennae Galaxy, B33, Ngc5128 and M8. Although these images were displayed at the opening, my  Ngc5128 and M8 received ACCOLADES click to see) and were selected to stay with the Australia wide tour for the year.

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