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10" F4 Newtonian Images  (STARLIGHTXPRESS SXVR-H16 & HX916 cameras)
IC2944 - HaRhargb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) NGC2080 - HaRhargb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) NGC2014 & 2020- HaLrgb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16)
NGC6589- Lrgb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) NGC6559- Lrgb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) B33 Horse Head Nebula- HaLrHagb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16)
NGC6188- HaRHagb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) M78- Lrgb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) M42 Nebula- HaLrHagb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16)
M78 lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) Corona Australis Nebula- Lrgb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) Ngc3372- Key Hole Neb(10" F4 newtonian hx916)
NGC 6188 HaLrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) M8-Lagoon Nebula- Lrgb (10" F4.6 newtonian SXVR-H16) Ngc6164 Lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916)
IC4628 (10" F4 newtonian hx916) Ngc3576 Hargb(10" F4 newtonian hx916) NGC 6188 Nebula- Ha-r/Hagb (10" F4 newtonian hx916)
M8- Lagoon Nebula- Lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) MALIN AWARD ACCOLADE. Ngc2736 lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) Ngc6357 HaLHagb (10" F4 newtonian hx916)
Ngc6726 Lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) Eta Carina HaRhagb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) M20- Trifid Nebula-Lrgb (10" F4 newtonianhx916)
Helix Nebula- Lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) Scorpius Dark Cloud Lrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) M42lrgb10"F4 first light HX916
IC434 & B33 Nebula-HaLrgb (10" F4 newtonian hx916) M16-The Eagle Nebula LHargb (10" F4 newtonian hx916)  
ED 80 Images (STARLIGHTXPRESS HX916 & HX516 CCD camera)
NGC 6188 ED80 -LRGB NGC 6559-90 ED80 -LRGB ngc6726 widefield -LRGB (Ed 80)HX916
M20-Trifid Nebula -LRGB (Ed 80) NGC 6589-90 ED80 -LRGB ngc6559 widefield -LRGB (Ed 80)HX916
M20 widefield -LRGB (Ed 80)HX916 NGC 7293- Helix Neb -LRGB (Ed80/HX916) NGC 6559-90 & IC 1275 ED80 -LRGB mosaic
NGC 7293- Helix Nebula -LRGB (Ed 80) IC 1275 ED80 -LRGB M8 widefield -LRGB (Ed 80)HX916
VC 200L F9 Images (STARLIGHTXPRESS HX916 & HX516  CCD camera)
M17 Omega Nebula -LRGB ngc 6164-5 Lrgb (F9) HX916 Saturn Nebula -LRGB
Crab Nebula M1 -LRGB Flame Nebula -LRGB Clown Face nebula- NGC 2392 -LRGB
Bug nebula -LRGB M27- Dumbbell Nebula ED80 -LRGB ngc 6726 Corona Australis (F9) HX916
Ghost of Jupiter- NGC 3242 -LRGB NGC 5189-LRGB ngc 3576-HaLrgb (F9) HX916
M78 -LRGB Eight- burst Planetary Nebula  -LRGB M16 Eagle Nebula ED80 -LRGB
ngc 3324-HaLrgb (F9) HX916 ngc 3372-Keyhole Nebula-LRGB (F9) HX916 NGC1977- part of