Object  NGC 6589 & 6590 

NGC 6589 & 6590  are locateed in the constellation Sagitarius. These objects are nestled in the enormous dust and star cloud as we look back toward the centre of our galaxy, The milky Way. As can be seen with these two reflection nebula, galactic tidal streams are at work seemingly blowing the blue reflected dust onto IC 1283, 1284 and 4700 (the reflection is caused by stars within that are members of a loose open cluster, NGC 6595 (Sharpless 37) . The faint HII emission cloud to the top left, is some what muted by the reflective dust giving a more magenta appearance than normal for an emission nebula. It lies aprox. 5,900 light years.


Date Lum- 25/ 06/ 11  & RGB 27 / 06/ 11.... additional Lum & colour  28/06/ 11
Location BayTop Observatory- Streaky Bay South Australia
Instrument Home built 10" Newtonian (Bob Royce primary) and an Antares 1/20th wave secondary with Televue Paracorr coma corrector. System working @ f4.6 (native F4/ 1016 FL)  1.315 arcsec/pixel- FOV  44.6x44.6
Mount Celestron CI700 controlled by the SiTech servo Goto Control System with Pittman 8000 series motors. Pulley and belt system
Camera (CCD) Starlight Xpress SXVR-H16 monochrome with Starlight Xpress USB filter wheel.
Exposures L: 148' R:64' G:64 B:64'  (4min sub exposures all unbinned)     Flat field and bias subtracted.
Guiding  ST80 refractor F5 with a Starlight Xpress HX516 CCD. Mounted via a side by side accessory plate.                      
Filters Astronomik typeII anti halo L (clear) RGB 2" filter set
Notes/ Conditions

 Conditions- Average to poor seeing and transparency when taking the first set of lum with some wind. When taking the first colour the night was also very average. Taking extra Lum and colour on the third night the conditions were average to good.