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With the wind, coastal moisture and dust factor out here on the far west coast of South Australia, my next step in the search for better observing was how do I stop it, or at least reduce these inhibiting elements.

I saw many articles on guys building their own observatories. But money, as always, being the handbrake on my ideas, left me thinking. It was so obvious when it came to me, I had a good chuckle. Man.. I live in the land of the rainwater tank, there was my answer. Sometimes you just need a little time to step away from things before a problem is solved.

Stage 1.

This was the beginnings and like it for around 5-6 years. I put an old fridge body into one side. It proved excellent to house a computer for the beginning of my digital-imaging journey. (shot in winter)






Stage 2.

(Click on thumb nails for larger view)

Front view. 

With rotating dome installed, extra fridge body for Goto controller/ extra computer and a new paint job. I used a cream colour as it reflects the heat. A must out here as summer temperatures can remain around 40deg C area for up to a week. (shot in November)



The rear view.

The dome rotates via 5 nylon wheels evenly spaced about the circumference of dome. These run on a heavy duty timber mount built inside the main RWT. The dome also has 4 smaller tracking wheels that lock it firmly to the outside of main structure, running around the corrugated profile. Two straps and a pad bolt lock it down when not in use.

(This shot is dedicated to my dearly missed and departed Curly Coated Retriever 'Lincon'. Was always present at  imaging sessions.)



This is my new & faithful observatory companion 'Moses', another Curly Coated Retriever. He never is far behind me and is a dedicated astro dog as Link was.






Home built 10" F4 Newtonian




                                                                                                                                                       (click on image to take you there)

The SiTech servo control system attached to my CELESTRON CI700 mount.


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